“The fight between McGregor and St-Pierre would be the biggest in UFC history”

Firas Zahabi, coach of Georges St-Pierre , said they are interested in facing Conor McGregor in a match that will be remembered forever.

Georges St-Pierre, former welterweight champion (77 kilos) of the UFC, returned this year to the octagon after four years of absence to show that he is still a champ: he climbed to the middleweight (84 kilos) and snatched Michael Bisping’s belt from that division.

However, Georges St-Pierre vacated the middleweight title a few days later, assuring that his intention was to return to his natural division. Although everything indicates that his new goal already had name and surname: Conor McGregor.

This was revealed by Firas Zahabi, coach of Georges St-Pierre, who said they are interested in agreeing to a match against the Irishman. And there would be no problems in terms of weight, because McGregor went up twice on the welterweight to face Nate Diaz.

“I do not think it’s crazy, I just think it would be a brilliant match, probably the biggest fight in the history of the UFC and the MMA,” said St-Pierre’s coach, adding that they would all benefit if they arrived. to specify.

“Conor has the touch of death in his hands, he knows what he’s doing, he’s very intelligent and very captivating, extremely dangerous, I do not think he’s afraid of anyone, no doubt Georges would be an excellent fight for him,” he concluded.

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