Trump Twitter warns Congress & said Canada not needed in NAFTA Deal

Donald Trump, president of the United States said no need to keep Canada in the North American Free Trade Agreement and warned Congress not to interfere or he would terminate the trilateral trade pact altogether. He said, there is no need of any political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA agreement.

In his official Twitter, Trump said Congress shouldn’t interfere with these trade negotiations or he will simply terminate the NAFTA deal entirely. Trump on Friday notified Congress of his intent to sign a bilateral deal with Mexico, after contentious talks with Canada ended on Friday without a deal to revamp NAFTA. Trump had unveiled a deal with Mexico on Monday.

Trump Twitter

Trump on Monday threatened to slap tariffs on Canadian-made cars if Canada did not join the talks to revamp NAFTA, which he has repeatedly criticized. Trump on Saturday, in his Twitter posts, reprised his attacks that NAFTA has resulted in a loss of U.S. jobs and business.

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