2018 Autumn of Bai Ma Hu: Haida HR China participates in teaching and research activity

Haida Interact International (also known as Haida HR), recently participated in the famous teaching and research activity “2018 Autumn of Bai Ma Hu”, organized by Binjiang District Education Bureau, Hangzhou City.

Held in Hangzhou Jiangnan Experimental School on October 22, 2018, the event was attended by two foreign teacher from Haida – Ivana and Dremus – who presented their classes during the activity.

Dremus works at Hangzhou No. 2 High School Bai Ma Hu Primary School. During the activity, he interacted with Grade 4 students upon the topic “What did you do in the holidays”.

The interaction was aimed at explaining the usage of past tense. Without any multimedia support, Dremus managed to attract the students’ attention through the change in the tone of his voice, along with various movements and gestures. He brought in a lot of fun in the grammar lesson.

Another foreign teacher from Haida HR, Ivana works at Hangzhou Jiangnan Experimental School. During the teaching and research activity, she presented a music class.

Ivana introduced the class with the theme of the song by first talking about the changes a tree goes though in four season, and then moving on the discussion to the Autumn season.

The Haida teacher’s introduction not only stimulated the students’ interest and enthusiasm, but also deeply enhanced the students’ interest in the English vocabulary and sentences.

Ivana’s class was a combination of English teaching along with music. After getting a vivid introduction about the song, the students performed a wonderful Autumn song with their foreign teacher.

The two Haida teachers received great appreciation from Dr Shao Yanhong, Doctor of Education at Zhejiang University and the Secretary General of Zhejiang Provincial Association of Foreign Language Schools, who was present at the activity.

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