About Us

News Maxi is a leading independent news provider.

The newspaper is widely respected for its focus on local news and watchdog reporting, particularly on state government and politics. News Maxi has won numerous state and national awards for its work in print and online.

The majority of our news is provided by staff writers who are all experts in their respective fields. Other news is provided by news agencies and freelancers from across the United States.

News Maxi is owned by NewsMaxi LLC.

NewsMaxi LLC is an American conglomerate that is headquartered in Sacramento Ariczona.

In the journalism arena, NewsMaxi LLC roughly 6,000 hours of news each month and 75,000 hours a year across 42 owned or operated properties. Delivering hyper-local and relevant news to audiences, NewsMaxi LLC serves communities and the modern-day demands of audiences by providing the best in personalization of news and digital content.