artificial intelligence

Insights about Artificial Intelligence

Everyone is noticing the rapid change in new things. These new things are coming to the change in the lives of people.  It is the moment of excitement to see the shift... Read more »

Flying taxis in the skies of New Zealand by 2022

Autonomous, electric and flying taxis could arrive on the market within three years. At least that’s what the company Kitty Hawk hopes for, which has just reached an agreement with the New... Read more »

Trump campaign consultants collect data from 50 million Facebook users

According to the report, which quotes former employees and associates of the analyst firm, Cambridge Analytica used data, taken without permission, to build a computer program to predict and influence the choice... Read more »

Would you agree to die to transfer your brain into the cloud?

A young American company thinks they have finally found the secret to eternal life. But to get there, they must first euthanize their clients … And yes, there is a waiting list.... Read more »

Low sales forecast of the iPhone X ruined Apple’s Christmas

Analysts say that Apple will sell about 30 million units of the iPhone X, a drop after the first forecasts suggesting sales of 50 million. Santa did not bring all the gifts... Read more »